Sunday, September 1, 2013

Kick Start This Blog For A New Adventure!

Escort Vehicle Ready to Launch
OK, it has been a long time since I posted any adventures.  (3 years almost!)  There have been several adventures that didn't get documented.   

The last series of posts during the winter of 2010 documented the building of my off-road trailer.  Just a couple of weeks ago, I sold that trailer to a lucky buyer in New Mexico that plans to use it  for camping and hunting.  He'll be towing it behind his Nissan Frontier.  It will be a great trailer for his purpose.

My motivation for starting up the ol' blog again was a vision I had earlier this year. April 6th, to be exact.  While celebrating my 66th birthday, I had this thought come into my feeble brain "Why not take a trip down route 66 this year?"  Taking a trip down "66" while I was "66" sounded like a fun thing to do, but what would I do for a vehicle?  Traveling in any of my existing vehicles sounded either mundane or torturous.  Willa's 2010 Ford Focus is a very good car for travelling the freeways in comfort economically, but really seems out of place on the "Mother Road" alongside classics and exotics.  My Jeep Wrangler  is an awesome rock crawler and fun to drive off-road or on trips, but not for a trip involving thousands of miles of pavement.  My little '95 Tracker would be more economical than the Jeep and is a lot of fun driving on two track roads or around town, but it would be an enduro test for my back driving it to Chicago and back.  

To really enjoy the ambiance of the Mother Road, I feel you need to travel it in a vehicle that was built during the times when US Highway system was a maze of two and three lane roads that wove the fabric of America together by going through as many small towns as you could.  In other words, my transportation needed to be classic or vintage.  Then it struck me, the best vehicle would have to be a 1966 year model.  1966 was about the last year that the interstate highway system was incomplete, so you still got to experience the wonderful ambiance of the Mother Road without being forced onto the mindless mega highways we called "freeways".  

So, Project "A 66 Driving 66 In a 66" Begins"

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