Monday, September 16, 2013

Details, Details, Details

We have finalized most of the details for the "66 on 66 in a 66" road trip.  Here are the highlights:

The car transporter is going to pick up David's Caddy any day, then come to Saint George and pick up Steve's Cobra.  They will be dropped off at another Jeep friend's farm in Iowa.  Steve and Renie are flying to Chicago on the 1st of October.  David will join them in Chicago on the second.  They will get a rental car in Chicago and drive to Moline, where I will arrive the afternoon of the 3rd.  We will hang out at mikE's farm on the 3rd, then head for Joliet, Illinois on the 4th, where the route 66 trip will begin for the four of us.  

We aren't going to start in South Chicago, the original start of route 66.  We've all been there before, and it is an unnecessary risk to drive into South Chicago in such desirable cars.  Joliet is the famous location of the Illinois State Penitentiary, and that should offer enough adrenaline rush for the start of our trip.  So, we will start our adventure at the famous location of Jake and Elmo's start of the Blues Brothers adventure.   It must be a "mission from God".

Stay tuned for more preparation details and pics.

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